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Hot Wheels Unlimited all open

Category: Races #In Russian #For a tablet #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 29-01-2022


Hot Wheels Unlimited is a rather interesting racing game that invites us to build a track on our own and drive along it to the finish line! Launch the track builder right now and come up with a track that would be difficult to drive on it yourself, see this is the whole point!

What can be added

Hot Wheels Unlimited hack

You can put trampolines on the track, put up obstacles, set roundabouts and much more, put everything you want. Add enemies to the track and see if you can overtake them on your own track.

The game has acceleration buttons, buttons to control the car, or you can control your finger by moving the screen - in general, the control in the game is simple.

Download Hot Wheels Unlimited

On this page of our site you can download the game Hot Wheels Unlimited for Android for free, the game is completely unlocked and you do not need to buy tracks and cars for real money! Everything is available for FREE! Enjoy the game, create tracks and race them!