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Yandex Music (Plus Unlocked)

Category: Плеера #In English #To the tablet
Requirements: Android 7.x
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Date: 04-12-2022


Yandex Music (Mod, Plus Unlocked) is hacking an application for an infinite subscription from Plus.Yandex. The Yandex music app allows you to listen to the newest music tracks on your phone when the Internet is connected. The user has the opportunity to create their own playlists with their favorite artists and bands to listen to at any time. It is enough to press just one button on the Android desktop to start listening to your favorites list, for example, while traveling in a car via Bluetooth or headphones! It is also worth noting that you yourself are able to find the artist you want to listen to or trust the recommendations from Yandex on the main page!

Features of the Yandex Music app:

  • There are a lot of tracks, today more than 10 million;
  • You can create lists of favorite tracks;
  • Does not require an additional music player;
  • Personalized recommendations every day;
  • Music recognition as Shazam;
  • Very high quality HQ music;
  • You can listen to more than just music (more details below);
  • Free Yandex Plus subscription!

As a result, you can download Yandex Music with an infinite subscription directly from our server for free right now, but for now a little bit about the additional features of the application.

It is worth noting that Yandex has recently become possible to listen not only to music, but also to audiobooks, as well as podcasts recorded by popular bloggers and knowledgeable people of their particular business, which you can eavesdrop on, for example, before going to bed!

A number of audiobooks with detective stories, thrillers, science fiction, classics, educational literature and other useful books were released especially for those who are lazy to read, but who want to somehow pass their free time.

Yandex Music Unlocked

Of course, it is worth highlighting the ability to search for music by category, genre and release date, and you can always look into special sections of HYPE, Premieres, New Items and others. As a result, we recommend that people with unlimited Internet use only the hacked version of Yandex Music on their device. As mentioned above, you can download the app for free!