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Brawl Stars Private Server download for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 25-12-2021


Only for Russians the only private Bravl Stars server on Android , which was created by our compatriots. On the server there are endless money, chests, crystals for everyone for free.

Description of the gameplay:

In the game Brawl Stars, you can engage in battles with your friends or players from the Internet in different game modes, each of which lasts no more than 3 minutes. If the player has a desire to discover new characters, then he can do it. Each new character will have their own unique abilities that can be improved later.

Also in the game to stand out among the crowd of identically dressed characters, you can purchase unique clothing "skins" for your character, and to become even cooler, you can join a gang or create your own grouping.

Game modes:

There are many game modes in the game, here is a small part:

Collision is a mode in which you need to fight 1 on 1 or in pairs if you select the appropriate jackdaw. This mode can be called "survival" as you will have to fight to the death.

Robbery is a 3-on-3 game in which you have to rob your competitor's safe and protect your own along the way, whoever robbed first won! Also in this reme you have to try to remove all enemies to get the maximum number of crystals.

Crystal Capture is a 3-on-3 game in which you have to fight as a team and not only capture 10 crystals, but also hold them for a while, and if you are destroyed, then the crystal will disappear, so you need to live!

Browlball - and finally the last interesting and new mode for football fans in this mode, the player will have to play real football with other players to win, you need to score 2 goals.

Features of the Brawl Stars Private Server?

  • 2k gold, 1kk crystals, 777 tickets;
  • Unlimited number of boxes, first 10, then 100, etc.
  • The presence of gangs where you can join and communicate;
  • All 25 bravels, skins and all maps are available;
  • It is possible to change the account nickname;
  • Star Power in chests and more;
  • Creating your own groupings.

Chat Commands:

  • /help - help, output of all commands with a description to the chat;
  • /clean - reset all progress;
  • /delscore - remove cups from bravlers;
  • /status - info about the server;
  • /unlock - unlock all bravlers (only for Premium players)
  • /full - full character leveling (only for Premium players)
  • /addscore - give 85 cups to each bravler (only for Premium players)


As a result, this private server Brawl Stars is the only Russian server on Android. You can download the APK file from the links below for free. Have a nice game!

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  • Updated: 25-12-2021, 14:03 - v41.148
v41.148 - новая версия приватного сервера с исправлением всех заявленных ошибок!