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FNAF 9: Security Breach for Android

Category: Horror #Action #Survival #Tablet #Rus
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 09-09-2022


FNAF 9 is a horror popular all over the world that has been developed since 2021, "FNAF 9: Security Breach" can be downloaded for free now in an apk file on your Android device. Start a new game in the mall with the main character Gregory!

What's new in FNAF 9:

One of the main innovations in the game is the change of location now the game will take place in the mall. As in the upcoming games, the player will need to defend himself from scary animatronics by moving around the building of the shopping center.

It is also worth noting that now the territory is completely open, not like in the office where you were restricted in movement, there is no longer any guard for whom you played before, now a new character has appeared. The little boy Gregory – that's who the player has to play for – is a boy who came to the mall to watch a concert, but it turned out that after graduation he was locked up there and now Gregory has to get out of the institution on his own and stay alive.

FNAF 9 Game Features:

  • Redesigned the mechanics of all dolls in the game;
  • Added a lot of new characters;
  • Assistant in the form of Freddy Bear from 1 part;
  • As always, a very scary game (horror);
  • HD graphics at the highest level;
  • Unexpected sounds that frighten you.


Bottom line, FNAF 9: Security Breach, or rather FNAF 9 game for Android which you can download for free right now is a real horror where you will run away in fear from animatronics and remember them for a long time.

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  • Updated: 10-09-2022, 16:34 - v1.5.6.1
Новая версия v0.6.7.1 (фан версия):
Это новая версия Аналога Fnaf security Breach (9-часть)
В игре есть - Детский сад, Chica, Freddy, Monty, Roxy, moon!
Из фишек в игре есть Фредди в которого можно забраться и вас может напугать Чика (Охранник) в будущем планируется добавить онлайн мод!

v0.8.2.1 - изменения в новой версии не известны!

v1.5.3.1 - новая фан версия, что изменилось, смотрите внутри!

v1.5.6.1 - добавлена новая версия, исправлены ошибки и добавлены новые интересные предметы, качай прямо сейчас новую версию ФНАФ 9+ на Андроид!