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Cats and soup Mod

Category: Simulators #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 02-11-2022


Cats and soup hacking - almost every one of us loves these little furry cats because it's so fun to spend free time with them and play various games. They need our care and care every day, as well as love. Get yourself a few of these cats right on your phone and spend time together! Also, you should not forget to feed cats, because every cat loves to eat tasty and satisfying food.

The essence of the game "Cats and soup" is that you and your cats will be able to cook different dishes according to completely different recipes. Thanks to the love and friendship with cats, you will cook the most delicious soup, noodles, cut a chic salad and many other simple but very tasty dishes. In order to have time to cook everything in time, you need to distribute your tasks to each cat!
These, on the one hand, clumsy, but very cute creatures will help you cut food, bring water, collect fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, as well as catch fish. For each successfully cooked dish, you will receive a coin or crystals, with which the player will be able to build a large and beautiful house for his cats.

Of the features, it is worth noting the daily growth and accumulation of money in the future, which will be useful for building and furnishing your pet house with furniture. You can download the game cats and soup for Android for free from our website both the hacked version and the original!

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  • Updated: 2-11-2022, 13:10 - v2.2.2

v1.8.2 - Рождество и исправление ошибок!

v1.8.1 - убрана реклама, добавлен мод, исправлены ошибки!

v1.8.3 - добавлено: друг кота, подарки, пакет Penguin Angler и исправлены ошибки.

v2.0.7 - добавлен новый кот, новое место для отдыха и многое другое.

v2.1.9 - добавлены события, кошачья башня, временный пакеты, исправлены ошибки и мод версия!

v2.2.2 - добавление временного пакета, обновлен рыболовный контент, исправлены ошибки, сделаны улучшения!

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