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Family Hotel: love & match-3 Mod for Android

Category: +18 #Puzzles #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 18-12-2021


Family Hotel: love & match-3 is a new game with a unique plot where you are the owner of the hotel! Your task in the game is just to live and enjoy life, you will have to equip your mansion and build love, you will also have to help your characters in certain actions and solve uncomplicated puzzles like three in a row and others.

The main characters of the Family Hotel game on Android are a sweet couple Emily and Max and together you will play hand in hand. And, it would seem, as two owners of different sexes can work together and build something excellent, but as you progress through the game you will realize that there is much more in common between you than you thought.

Together, the two characters will repair all the rooms of the hotel, restore the street fountain, add new decors and decorations. Allow yourself to disperse and decorate the hotel so that the first visitors faint from the beauty!

Features of a Family Hotel:
  • An intriguing plot of the game;
  • The player changes the essence of the game by performing certain actions;
  • Extraordinary gameplay with the ability to play three in a row;
  • Cool surprises and gifts every day!

Bottom line if you want to play something unusual, then the game Family Hotel: love & match-3 on Android is a great solution to brighten up your leisure time. You can download the game for free from our website or from the app store. Have a nice construction!