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Turmoil for Android

Category: Casual #Tablet #Rus #Without cache #Mod
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 01-11-2022


Turmoil is a cool business game developed in the form of a casual simulator where the player will pump oil! In the game you will fight with competitors for an oil place, sell and process oil into gasoline to get money. As you progress and accumulate money, you will be able to build a whole city around an oil field.

How to play?

First you will have to find land where there is oil, then you will need to buy it at auction. If a day is enough, then the land will be yours! After buying the land, you will proceed to the construction of rigs for pumping oil out of the ground. After pumping out the oil, it needs to be stored somewhere and transported somehow, and for this you have to buy storage facilities and wagons for transportation. Then you have to wait and as soon as the oil rises in price, sell. To do this, you need to know economics well and understand finance.

Features of the game:
  • Many improvements that can be bought;
  • Many new tools for oil production;
  • Buying and trading shares of oil companies;
  • Downtime and clear graphics.

As soon as the game is released, you can download Turmoil for Android on this page of our website. You can also register yourself on the off-site and wait for the game to come out. You can download the game in .APK file directly to your Android device for free.

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  • Updated: 1-11-2022, 22:03 - v3.0.60

v3.0.42 - прежде чем вы станете настоящим добытчиком нефти вы должны научиться бороться с конкурентами! Начинай копить деньги уже сейчас чтобы твой город и его жильце процветали.

v3.0.59 - оптимизированное текстовое описание + полная версия игры.

v3.0.60 - оптимизированное текстовое описание, добавлен разблокированный мод, полная версия!