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Awaken: Chaos Era for Android

Category: Role-playing RPGs #For a tablet #Without cache #In Russian
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 24-12-2021


Awaken: Chaos Era is a role-playing RPG in which you play as a loser king who led the world to destruction by dark force and now it's time to correct the mistakes of the past! Take all your willpower into a doll and go to battle with evil by awakening your inner hero!

In the game Awaken: Chaos Era, you will have to found an army of powerful heroes to fight evil. You will have to combine the characters in such a way to take victory!

Features of the game:
  • Multiple game modes including PvE company;
  • Each hero has a unique ability;
  • Focus on strategy, think and win;
  • There are dungeons, guilds, bosses!
  • 3D graphics and lots of animations.

The game Awaken: Chaos Era on Android is clearly the game that is worth waiting for and it will be released soon and will be available on our website! You can also wait for it on the store's off-site, and we, in turn, will post the .apk file for free download to your Android device. Have a nice game.