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Enigmite's Prophecy for Android

Category: Role-playing RPGs #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 290
Date: 24-12-2021


Enigmite's Prophecy is a role-playing game that includes many other genres, such as fights and three in a row! Everything is very simple in the game, you have to save your sister, who was enchanted into a deadly spell and now your task is to get to the fountain of life to save your little sister! The game will not allow you to walk around alone, and you will meet a stranger who will tell you the secret of the ancient elves and not only, change your fate with her!


Among the features in the game, it is worth highlighting epic 1-on-1, 2-on-2 battles, playing in PvE mode with other players, going to dungeons and much more. In general, the game Enigmite's Prophecy is a great game, which has a lot of everything and even mini-games, puzzles and more. You can download the Enigmite's Prophecy game for Android right now from our website. Have a nice game!