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Death Palette No Ads for Android

Category: Adventures #Horror #Survival #Hacked games #In Russian #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 01-01-2022


[strong]Death Palette [/ strong] - I present to your attention a new game in Russian for those who like to read more than play, since the game has a ton of text and the history of the game related actions and much more. The game will ban you in the house with a cursed picture, which depicts a girl and this girl will tell you what to do. Do whatever she says otherwise you will die and it will be the end of the game! The main goal in the game is to finish the picture and squeeze!


Of the features in the game, it is worth noting the elements of horror, you can play calmly without fear that something will come out of the phone screen, the main story can be played offline, the opportunity to solve the mystery of the girl without mods! You can download the game from our website or from the Telegram channel offline group!