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Wrestling Empire Pro for Android

Category: Fights #Sports #Hacked games #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 7.x
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Date: 06-01-2022


Wrestling Empire - I present to your attention the Pro version of the mobile game, which means that you do not need to buy the full version of the game, you are already in the club! The game is a once popular wrestling with more detailed graphics and smooth frame rate, but at the same time it is still the same wrestling in a preserved retro style!

In the Wrestling Empire game, you will be offered to create your own wrestling star and start building his career in show business. You will have to defeat more than 300 opponents from different teams and sports to get the coveted golden wrestling belt. When you become really ready, you will be offered a subscription "Pro version" which in this case you do not need to buy, everything is open in Wrestling Empire Mod!

You can download the game for free from our LivePDA.RU of the website or use the free app store. Have a nice fight and a beautiful wrestling show performance in front of viewers all over the world!