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Jurassic Survival Island Mod

Category: Adventures #Survival #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 06-02-2022


Jurassic Survival Island - well, the Jurassic period has come and now you have to squeeze on the island in this crazy chaos of dinosaurs. The game clearly makes it clear that Jurassic Survival Island is a survival game!

A quick guide and information that will help you squeeze out: let's start with the fact that not all dinosaurs are evil predators, some can be used for their own purposes – for example, you can tame a dragon! Try to stay alive as long as possible and make yourself weapons, shelter and much more!

Features of the game:
  • Huge open 3D map;
  • Gifts and bonuses from developers;
  • Crafting and construction;
  • Lots of dinosaurs!

Download Jurassic Survival Island

If you really like the movie Jurassic Park, then the game Jurassic Survival Island on Android will definitely come to you. Survival has always been an interesting genre and this game is no exception. You can download it for free and not the original, but a mod in which there is a lot of money for simple survival. Have a nice game and meet the Dinosaurs!