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The Noob Adventure: save the Professional

Category: Adventures #For a tablet #In Russian
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 54
Date: 13-01-2022


The Noob Adventure: Save the Professional is a new, cool 2D flat game with pixel graphics in which you will save the world from a Hacker together with a Noob. The story is that a hacker has taken over the world and can only be stopped by a professional who has disappeared somewhere. A noob from the forest plucked up the courage and decided to help humanity find a pro to stop the Hacker and save the world!

Start playing in a place with a Noob and slowly explore the world and individual locations, complete quests and complete tasks. Collect coins that are lying around and get diamonds, gold using your pickaxe. Sell the extracted material or exchange it for weapons and armor. Fight bosses and mobs that do not give passage, in general, do everything possible to save the world.

Platformer Features:
  • 2D graphics;
  • 8-bit style;
  • Multiple levels;
  • Resource extraction;
  • Skins and armor.

We can say with 100% certainty that the old fans of 8-16-bit platformers will appreciate the game. Download the Nuba Adventure game: you can save a professional right here on your phone!