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Wordle for Android

Category: Puzzles #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 14-01-2022


Wordle - I present to your attention a new application that blew up the social network twitter – this game was developed back in the 18th year and is still developing, but it's worth noting that this is not an off version, but the developers still hope that you will like it!

About the game:

Wordle game for Android is quite simple to manage and easy to learn, you will have a screen with cubes on each of which there will be a letter and from these letters standing next to you you have to make a word! If you like word games and the like, then the Wordle game will come to you! You need to find as many words as possible in a certain amount of time. How to play can be viewed on the video!

Download Wordle

So it's time to download the legend who lived her life for 4 years and achieved such success – the Wordle game for Android is available for download below at the link.