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Stick War Legacy взлом

Stick War: Legacy Mod Money

Category: Strategies #Rus #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 22-11-2022


Stick War: Legacy is the most ambitious and popular mobile strategy of all time. In the game you will control an army of little men and each little man individually. You will fight with another army wall to wall and fight to the death! Before the battle begins, you need to get weapons, and for this you need to dig gold out of the ground and study the path you want to go – it can be the path of an Archer, a Magician, a Giant, a Javelin Thrower or a Sword! Get resources on your land and capture the enemy by destroying him from the battlefield.

Game Features:

There is a career mode in which you need to perform a mission, new levels are released every week. There are also exceptions in the form of modes - these are "Triple barricaded gold", "Victory before sunset", "Fight to the death", "against Mini-bosses" and "Advanced Statue".

  • Multiple difficulty modes: 3 modes
  • New arrows and their effects from hitting targets;
  • New weapons and armor with unique abilities;
  • There are "skins" for all the characters.

Additional game modes

In addition to the above game modes, there are other modes that will be available to you immediately after you download the game from the site LivePDA.Ru - this is the birth of empire mode (with 6 levels), survival mode against zombies (how long will you last?) and of course the mode where you can compete with other players is the tournament mode!

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In this virtual world of Stick War on Android you will be surrounded by diverse nations, advanced technologies and religions. Each nation wants its own piece of the pie and develops its own unique abilities to fight and defend against others. Proud of their achievement, they became addicted and obsessed with turning weapons into a religion, and war became a part of life for them. You are the leader of the nation "Order!" and your path is peace and knowledge, and your people are more intelligent and do not worship weapons as a god. Because of this, everyone has turned against you and wants to send you an agent to scout and destroy your system from the inside. You have to resist the enemies and attack first, as well as capture other people's technologies and take a little from each nation.


Download Stick War

The result of the game Stick War: Legacy on Android is the most popular strategy in the app store that has been downloaded more than 10 million times and on our website you can download the so-called hacking, where there is a lot of money and not only. You can also install the original from Google Play. We hope that the game Stick Var Legacy will come to you and you will appreciate it!

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  • Updated: 22-11-2022, 00:46 - v2022.1.40

v2022.1.9 - Новые и обновленные миссии!

v2022.1.30 - добавлена версия где много денег!

v2022.1.32 - новые и обновленные миссии + мод где очень много алмазов!

v2022.1.34 - новые миссии, бафф Archidon, много денег!

v2022.1.40 - новая версия, подробности внутри!