Standoff 2 Private Server

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Standoff 2 Private Server

Standoff 2 Private Server is another well-known private server of the first-person Standoff 2 game for Android with free skins and not only. Our regular users should remember that quite recently we have already hosted a private Standoff 2 server from another developer.

  • Modes that are not in the original: Sniper Duel, Rampage, Capture the Flag, Team Battle, Bomb Laying, Arms Race;
  • Tactical battles with each other and team on team!

    Download Standoff 2 Private Server

    As can be seen in the Perm Standoff 2 Private Server, there is almost everything that is in the original only without administrators and with free skins. You can download a private server for free from our link from the description. Good luck in the battles and the battle for team victory!

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