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Pony Town for Android

Category: Role-playing RPGs #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 954
Date: 19-01-2022


Pony Town is an exciting social MMORPG with a chat where you can chat with other Pony users. The game provides options for creating an original character and your own unique island.

Features in the game:
  • You can find new friends;
  • You can chat in the chat;
  • Pixel graphics.

How to create a character

Pony Town for Android

As mentioned above, you can create your own Pony with unicorn horns, wings and super trendy hairstyles. You can also experiment with dragon fangs, claws, and the like. In addition, you can dress up your Pony and add all sorts of accessories. Thanks to the frequent addition of items - clothes and other decorations are limited only by your imagination.

Download Pony Town

Find your new friends in the game because you can chat directly or on the main square with all the players at once. Each player can create their own island and build a house there, and then you can invite your new friends to visit. To download the game, it is enough to download a small file from our website. Have a nice game!