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Galactory Sandbox God Simulator

Category: Simulators #Strategies
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 646
Date: 24-01-2022


Galactory - do you want to play God? Try this game where you can create an entire civilization with humans. The game can be played without the Internet, the game belongs to the genre of simulators and strategies, where you need to think about the further development of life!

  • Creating your own world;
  • The creation of civilization;
  • Turn on your brain and think over the tactics of development;
  • Pixel graphics;
  • Availability of the Russian language.

The original name of the game: Galactory - God Simulator, Sandbox, Strategy (early access).

Download Galactory

Feel like a real creator in the whole boundless universe, create your first civilization in career mode / sandbox right now, and to make it even easier to play, we offer a cheat version of the game, where there is a lot of money and energy.