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Wall of Insanity Full APK

Category: Action games #In Russian #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 317
Date: 26-01-2022


Wall of Insanity is a very dark game where you are a policeman and, according to the developers, the main character in the game is waiting for anxiety and madness! The path to victory will be stressful and difficult, as well as dangerous and almost hopeless!

Once the police operation to detain dangerous sectarians was delayed and the cops who arrived and went to investigate found only an empty abandoned house – this is where your story begins!

The Wall of Insanity game immerses the player in active combat, where everything depends only on your weapon - reaction and accuracy are also needed here! Many dangers and traps await our hero on every path, but there are weapons and useful items for survival.


Download Wall of Insanity

You can download the game right now using the appropriate links, but you can also download the mod or hacking version to anyone you like just below. In the mod you will find the full version of the game that you do not need to buy.

It is worth noting that the game Wall of Insanity supports gamepads (joysticks), and also has graphics settings!

скачать Wall of Insanityскачать Wall of Insanityскачать Wall of Insanity