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Technopoly – Industrial Empire Mod Money

Category: Strategies #Hacked games #In Russian #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 26-01-2022


Technopoly - Industrial Empire: iga is for those who like to build something and in this case the player is offered to build factories in an industrial zone. For further enrichment, your factories should bring money for fulfilling orders – the more money you earn, the more factories you can build. This game is for businessmen, and to become a successful businessman you need to work hard and be able to wait for profit.

Technopoly – Industrial Empire Mod Money

What you will learn

  • Manage the resource extraction process;
  • Manage factories in the heavy industry sector;
  • Upgrade your factories, laboratories, production facilities and mines;
  • Invent and develop new technologies
  • Create your own electric cars!


Download Technopoly - Industrial Empire

At the moment you can download a hacked version of the game, where there is a lot of money and you can buy anything you want, in particular, resources for building factories and other game items! So you don't have to sweat and go to work, just download hacking for free!