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Isle Builder Mod

Category: Strategies #Hacked games #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 29-01-2022


Isle Builder - a game whose essence is that you got into a plane crash and were able to survive it now you need to squeeze out on a desert island to return home. You have to learn how to get game, cook food, look for water and useful resources for survival.


The island will have everything you need to survive, the main thing is to search and find all the resources well. You can get wood, stone, ore, and then create objects and tools in the form of an ax or a hammer. The first step is to find water and build a house so as not to get wet under the rain!

  • Excellent pixel graphics;
  • A unique survival strategy that you will come up with yourself;
  • Improvements to mining skills in reality.

Download Isle Builder

In general, this is a rather interesting survival clicker Isle Builder on Android which you can download hacked, where there are a lot of resources and all the characters are open. This mega cheat will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest!