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Постер Monument Valley (Unlocked)

Monument Valley (Unlocked)

Category: Puzzles #Tablet #Rus #Mod
Requirements: Android 2.3.x
Views: 16 763
Date: 30-10-2022

Monument Valley (Unlocked) belongs to the genre of puzzles, but not just puzzles, but isometric or spatial puzzles. According to the author's idea, the main thing is your perception of the gameplay. The game will not cease to amaze for a second, because it is based on the human perception of three-dimensional objects. Optical illusions come to life, and allow you to make some unimaginable combinations.

Monument Valley (Unlocked)

I would like to note that the gameplay does not contain any sophisticated puzzles. You won't think about any task for more than 5-10 minutes. The main character overcomes the labyrinths of high-rise buildings by moving, rotating and turning them over.

In the game you will not find a tooth-crushing action, not dizzying flights, not fancy graphics. All the efforts of the developers were spent to ensure that the game was relaxing. The unobtrusive tone in which the story is told and the half-hidden hints are the best way to do this, and the color scheme in which the levels are performed sets up a balanced and creative mood. The game is quite logical and understandable, there are no inexplicable, absurd ideas in it, where to move and what to do you understand on a subconscious level.


Although the duration of the game is short, it will not allow you to get distracted and bored. Many may say that paying for such a short game does not make sense, I assure you it is not. Monument Valley on Android honestly fulfills every ruble invested in the purchase, because it is intended for an adult audience for whom every hour is more and more valuable. Believe me, you will not regret the time you spent in this magnificent world, a world of peace and tranquility, a world based on the paradoxes of geometry. We bet the game "Monument Valley" solid five!

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  • Updated: 30-10-2022, 21:59 - v3.3.104

v2.7.17 - исправлены все заявленные ошибки, добавлены новые уровни и многое другое. Разблокированная версия!

v3.3.104 -изменения не известны, игра разблокирована и бесплатна!