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  • Updated: 1-08-2023, 23:29
  • Android Version: 2.3
  • Current version: 1.13.276620
  • Size: 585.81 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Of course, the port of any PC game to mobile employment is risky and not always justified. Develop an overview, cram in all the gameplay features, graphic delights and dynamism of action in miniature smartphones or tablets. In most cases, the result is disappointing, but not Hitman GO (Mod, Unlimited Hints)! Square Enix did not follow the path of stupid porting, they take place on the basis of the 47th completely unusual game, strikingly different from the PC version, but preserving the entourage and charm that we loved in the original.

Hitman GO (Mod, Unlimited Hints)

The game is a mobile puzzle with interesting levels and intuitive controls. The design is made in the style of a board game, which is perfectly combined with touch control.

Turn-based gameplay, pushes for conscious and thoughtful actions. During the course of our hero and his enemy can only take one step at a time. In order to "remove" the detection of the necessary suspicious cells, where he is at the time of detection, and sometimes it is not at all easy: it is necessary to think tactically, look for ways to bypass and hit from the back. Also, our hero can change clothes, disguise himself and distract the guards. There are weapons in the game: pistols, sniper rifles – everything is in place. In general, a complete set of the original 47, only a little in other formations.

It is worth mentioning that recommends  Hitman GO on Android  to all fans of the series is not worth it. You won't like the game. If you are planning, tactics and cold calculation, you appreciate the spirit of the series and often complex tactical puzzles, take a closer look at this game. Believe me, she will not disappoint you.

Video review from youtube:
Hitman GO (Mod, Unlimited Hints)
Hitman GO (Mod, Unlimited Hints)

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