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Постер Talking Tom 2

Talking Tom 2

Category: Simulators #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 2.2
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Date: 14-12-2021


My Talking Tom 2 is the second part of the popular Android application. Talking Tom is an application that 100% of you have hung up. Tom the cat is a kind of pocket pet that lives in your phone, you can always chat or play with him.

So the application Talking Tom Cat 2 allows you to play with a cool Tom cat. You can pet him, grab his tail, feed him or talk to them, of course, you can't talk to them, but he will repeat everything that you tell him in a funny voice.

Talking Tom 2

Appendix Talking Cat Tom 2 on Android, very funny, with it you can always cheer up the company by launching Tom cat. The second part of the game is significantly different from the first. There are mini-games that you can play with Tom, you can put a helmet, a crown on the cat, or completely dress him up as a cowboy, for example.

Bottom line : everyone should have the talking cat game on their phone, although there are no super-duper graphics, but Tom the cat will always cheer you up without any buns.

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  • Updated: 14-12-2021, 05:29 - v5.6.0.135
Оригинал v5.6.0.135:
talking_tom_cat_2_v5_6_0_135.apk Вес: 52.95 Mb
Мод версия, много монеток:
talking-tom-cat-2_v5_3_10_26_mod.apk Вес: 54.96 Mb

v5.1 - исправлены всевозможные ошибки и улучшен геймплей игры! - Очень много новых изменений, нужно качать и смотреть!

v5.5.1.78 - Исправление ошибок и незначительные улучшения геймплея!

v5.6.0.135 - исправлены баги и немного улучшена игра.