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Постер DEAD TRIGGER (Hacked) on Android

DEAD TRIGGER (Hacked) on Android

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Date: 02-08-2021


Popular arcade game DEAD TRIGGER from the first person, part one! Which has already been evaluated by 26 million users around the world.

The game takes place in a world where the economy has collapsed, money has lost its meaning. People were angry at politicians because of the huge taxes and inaction on their part, they did not spare any of them! In general, the whole world collapsed and what the hell was going on. Those who had the opportunity ran away into the woods and disappeared before the onset of better times.

DEAD TRIGGER (Hacked) on Android

Well, that's not all! Suddenly, people began to die like flies from an unknown virus, and then they were resurrected again and became the walking dead or, as everyone says now, zombies. These animals have no thoughts, they only want to eat and only meat!

Fortunately, some people survived, and they hold on to the last until the food or ammunition in the gun runs out, and it is these heroes who will have to figure out how to save the world and their lives.

So, in the game DEAD TRIGGER you have to explore the city, kill zombies, protect your shelter and all this from the first person with stunning graphics. As you progress through the game, you will replenish your stock of weapons, find grenades and food.

Bottom line, the game DEAD TRIGGER on Android is worth playing and enjoying cool 3D graphics or just killing time, and there is plenty of time in the game, more than 40 game hours.

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  • Updated: 2-08-2021, 21:21 - v2.0.2
Новая версия 2.0.2:
dead-trigger-2-0-2_mod.apk Вес: 183.3 Mb

Все в одном файле: мод, оригинал и кэш. При установки нужно будет выбрать что устанавливать кэш или оригинал!

Бесплатные покупки, бесконечные патроны и многое другое в МОД версии игры!

Игра наконец то обновилась и новая версия 2.0.2, добавлено много нового и улучшено все что только можно!