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  • Updated: 6-08-2023, 22:20
  • Android Version: 1.6
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Meet the Mobogenie manager with games, utilities, Android wallpaper, this is a program that is direct, and in general the main competitor to Google Play and the Mobo Market manager.

We will probably start right away with comparisons of these three very popular application programs. The first thing to note right away is that they all work exclusively with the Internet connection turned on, and this is understood from where else to get applications for you to download them. We recommend using you only Wi-Fi since games now weigh a lot up to 3 gigabytes.

Mobogenie, unlike Google Play, allows you to download only free applications in it, you will not see paid content, except for games with internal purchases, as reported by the program itself.

Let's move on to the interface here it is not in standard "green" tones, as we are used to doing everything for Android. MoboGin is made in blue and white with very colorful category icons, looking at which it is immediately clear what this or that category belongs to.

As soon as you start the program, the search, menu, category selection will appear on your screen (apps, games, music, wallpapers, videos and books), next will be the slider apps themselves with popular games, which are currently rocking, the best of the best and other sections like on Google Play by the type of game on movies and the like, all this is very cool and you can easily find the right game on your interest!

As for the categories, here in each you can sort applications by several points: firstly, delve into the category and select a subcategory, further view the recommended, TOP and collections of games collected by the Mobogenie developers.

Let's go to the "menu" section here you can view your downloaded applications, update or remove them, clear the cache, which will speed up the phone's performance. And also go to your gallery of photos, videos, books or make certain settings with the program.

Often on the Internet there are questions about how to remove Mobogenie from Android, why there are so many of them is not clear, but one thing is clear that you can remove the program as well as any other application by going to the settings, and then the applications, find MoboGin there and delete.

We talked about the pros of the program, but there are also significant cons, namely a very intrusive advertisement to download this or that application.

In general, Mobogenie Russian on Android is a worthy program to replace Google Play, at least because it does not need to register in it and because it is very convenient in finding the necessary applications!


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