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Download SHADOWGUN for Android

Category: Arcades #Shooting games #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 25-08-2021

The game SHADOWGUN at first glance may seem like another copy of the famous shooters, where the main point of the game is to wander through warehouses and gloomy corridors and shoot evil opponents. However, the main highlight of the game is not in the original plot, but in the fact that it is fully adapted for playing on mobile phone platforms. At the same time, the quality of the interface or the convenience of management did not suffer a bit, the game turned out to be full-fledged and mobile. Its undoubted advantage is that you can entertain yourself by immersing yourself in the game atmosphere right on the way to work.

Download SHADOWGUN for Android

The SHADOWGUN development team, together with NVIDIA employees, have developed the most powerful optimization of the game for the Tegra 2 platform, so on this platform SHADOWGUN is played most fully, although it runs in combination with other processors.

The game plot is specific and very clear: a mercenary John Slade of the elite unit, whose appearance strongly resembles Bruce Willis in "Die Hard", having received a task from the intergalactic space corporation Toltech Enterprises, is obliged to neutralize the brilliant, but crazy scientist Simon. This scientist gave birth to a whole army of creatures that look like people, but have a very evil character and kill all living things in their path. John is well armed, he has a whole arsenal of the latest weapons and his own computer, where he draws information and keeps records of his achievements.

Despite the fact that shooters do not always have a plot, SHADOWGUN still has it, which is another advantage of this game. The plot adds variety to the passage of the game, saving us from playing a dull virtual shooting gallery.

During the whole game, John mainly destroys evil creatures on his way, and in moments of calm, he turns to his microcomputer S. A. R. A., which helps to solve simple tasks to achieve the next goal. Also, at these moments, the player can admire decent graphics or listen to Slayton's flat jokes. Probably the only drawback of SHADOWGUN on Android is the lack of diversity in the levels. The situation around the main character is mostly very gray, with the passage of levels does not change much and is not even remembered. Although this nuance is hidden due to well-drawn graphics, the clarity and high resolution of which still pleases the eye.

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