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Постер Construction Simulator 2014 for Android

Construction Simulator 2014 for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 12-08-2021


The love of German developers for various kinds of simulators is well known. Today, they are already so skilled in the production of a wide variety of simulators that it has become extremely difficult to compete with them in this market. In general, the appearance on sale of a new German simulator for the Android platform "Construction Simulator 2014" (Bau-Simulator 2014) did not surprise anyone, but caused considerable curiosity among many fans of modern construction equipment. What is the game like?

Construction Simulator 2014 for Android

The player is entrusted with the management of one of 14 special vehicles that exactly repeat the appearance and simulated characteristics of real construction equipment of the world-famous brands LIEBHERR, STILL AND MANN. Armed with such tools, the player must perform diverse tasks for the construction of various buildings, from small sheds to large complex buildings: schools, swimming pools, city halls.

Management does not cause any problems even for not too experienced players, the entire interface of the game is intuitive and simple. The smart camera automatically takes a convenient position, providing the necessary overview. Each machine is designed to cope with the task for which it was designed. An excavator digs pits, trucks transport the excavated soil, a concrete pump fills the foundation, and a crane delivers heavy structural elements to the desired height. It is this variety of machines, whose actions constantly have to be coordinated and taken under the player's personal control, that makes the construction simulator so interesting and the game is suitable.

For an introductory session with the gameplay, the game has a simple arcade mode. It allows you to understand the essence of the gameplay and acquire basic skills by performing the most elementary tasks. But those who are seriously interested in the game, eventually switch to a professional game mode, much more complex and demanding to the player's skill, with extremely realistic controls. Only the most experienced builders will be able to accept such a challenge.

As the player progresses through the levels, new titles are assigned to the player, from beginner to construction magnate, opening up new opportunities. Without any doubt, Construction Simulator 2014 for Android deserves the attention of both fans of construction equipment and just fans of various kinds of simulators.

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v1.12 - много улучшений, исправлены ошибки!

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