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Live Factory: 3D Platformer (Unblocked)

Category: Adventures #Offline games #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 6.x
Views: 541
Date: 27-10-2022


Live Factory: 3D Platformer (Unblocked) is a very interesting and vivid game in which you will explore an underground factory filled with various dangers and secret puzzles that you have to solve. Use your reaction to jump, run and wit to study, fix items.

The game "Live Factory " has excellent graphics and music, allowing you to immerse yourself as much as possible in the atmosphere of adventure and passing levels. It is worth highlighting the excellent control, which makes it clear the exact pressing, jumping and landing in the intended place.

Features of the game:
  • The ability to save the progress of the passage to the clouds;
  • You can play without the Internet;
  • Very interesting gameplay;
  • Support for gamepads, keyboards and control settings;
  • Availability of the Russian language.

Download the game Live Factory: 3D Platformer

As a result, we have quite an interesting game from the adventure genre that can be played day and night, and to start the game you need to download Live Factory: 3D platformer for Android – the full version, where everything is open.

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  • Updated: 27-10-2022, 22:02 - v15.1

v15.1 - добавлены новые языки, исправлены уровни и многое другое - обновляйтесь обязательно!