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  • Updated: 24-04-2023, 18:51
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • Current version: 1.0.289
  • Size: 102.13 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Labo Tank (a game for children) is a new tank game in which your children will be able to build or draw a tank, and then play and fight them on the battlefield with enemies. This is a kind of virtual sandbox in which you can build anything from making real brick tanks.

In the Labo Tank game, all the tanks built with your own hands can be assembled in your garage, all your vehicles can be colored and changed in different ways, and the puzzle can be assembled into one.

Creating your own tank is quite simple, you can use ready-made templates to create a tank. As soon as the tank is ready, you can go fight monsters and defend your city on the battlefield.

Among the features, it is worth highlighting quite a lot of T-34, KV2, sharman, panther, mouse and others. A lot of makers for the tank and its creation, many levels and additional mini-games.

Download Labo Tank game

As a result, we have an excellent children's game in which your child will be able to create a tank. You can download the game for free now.

Labo Tank (children's game)

Download Labo Tank (children's game) for free

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