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Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle (Mod, Free Rewards)

Category: Races #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 8.x
Views: 202
Date: 29-10-2022


Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle (Mod, Free Rewards) is a kind of race in which you will race through the desert together with your enemies and to get ahead you will need to harm your enemies in every way, for example you can spill oil behind you to others off the track and much more, all to win the race.

The entire Road Warrior Nitro game is reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic action game where there are no rules and you won't get reprimanded. You can improve your car and hang a bumper with spikes, load a gun on the roof for shooting, improve the tires and much more, all to destroy your rivals and come to the finish line first!

Features in the game:

  • Car battles;
  • A whole collection of cars;
  • Many car accessories;
  • Performing stunts during the race;
  • Lots of tracks and desert maps.

Download Road Warrior Nitro: Desert


At the end we have a rather interesting race in the Mad Max style on Android in which you will be chasing to the finish line and destroying your rivals. The main thing is to arrive at the finish line, and the rest is not important.