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Постер This War of Mine for Android

This War of Mine for Android

Category: Strategies #Simulators #Survival #For a tablet #In Russian
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 03-02-2022


The new and already popular game This War of Mine will immerse you in a completely new world of war, which you have not seen yet.

In the game you have to play as a very competent soldier who is hiding in a shelter, in the homes of civilians, civilians at the time of the game are experiencing a shortage of medicines, food and constant terror that they will be destroyed by snipers who are sitting on the roofs and therefore they can not leave their homes to collect provisions.

As a soldier, you can't leave the shelter either, so the whole game will depend on the change of days and nights. During the day, you will be engaged in routine work, such as strengthening your home. And at night, when it is difficult for snipers, you will be able to send people in search of provisions that will help you stay alive.

In general, the game This War of Mine for Android is quite interesting and will appeal to a large circle of people. Do everything possible to squeeze and save your people!

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  • Updated: 3-02-2022, 08:43 - v1.6.1

v1.5.10 - незначительные исправления и улучшения!

v1.6.1 - добавлен мод где все разблокирована!