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Once - Visual Novels (Mod, Pro)

Category: Novels #+18 #Tablet #Rus #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 30-10-2022


Once - Visual Novels (Mod, Pro) - actually the name says it all, all the stories in Russian, there are romantic stories, detectives, love stories and thrillers ending which will constantly change as it depends on the answers you choose. Definitely every gamer in the game to find a story that he likes!

In each story, you make a certain choice, which the game gives you, and due to this, the ending of the game changes - the final part of the story depends only on you and your choice!

In the game you can find stories such as fantasy, anime, fantasy, adventure, comedy and drama. In the "once upon a time" game, the player creates his or her own turn by selecting a certain answer on the phone screen. You are waiting for unique story stories from the best authors from all over the world, as well as from the back of your mind! The game is great for girls because they love dramatic love stories with kisses and other delights - everyone will find something for themselves in once-story!

In the game you can:

  • Go on a date;
  • Become a second Hürrem;
  • Play with vampires;
  • Choose the appearance of the character;
  • Decide who to play;
  • Build friendships;
  • The game is fully in Russian!

Download the game once


To summarize, you can download the game for free right now from our website and yes I forgot to tell you that the game features 18+ adult stories with erotica and stuff! To download the game just download the file from our server. Enjoy the game and have a great story with a great ending!