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Sandbox (Unlocked)

Category: Simulators #Casual #Offline games #Mod #Tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 124
Date: 31-10-2022


Sandbox (Unlocked) – here is an unlocked version of one of the oldest games from the time when sand was poured into different patterns behind glass frames. Such a sight calmed and fascinated your imagination. This sandbox is not limited to simple glasses, you will find more than 50 materials for creating various structures and their interaction with each other.

Features in the game:

  • There is no advertising, which can not but please;
  • Unique design and graphics.

Download the Sandbox game

As a result, we have an excellent game in which you can pour sand of different colors into the sandbox and thereby draw patterns and pictures, if you like this kind of game, then we highly recommend this sandbox!