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Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike (Damage Multiplier, God Mode)

Category: Action #Role-playing RPGs #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 129
Date: 02-11-2022


Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike (Damage Multiplier, God Mode) is a video game from the roguelike genre with 2D graphics, in which you will have the opportunity to create your own character and teach him unique skills and build to complete the game. In general, this is a game with pixel graphics and the highest possible quality.

In fact, the game is very interesting and resembles those games when there were still consoles like shogi, dandy. In the game, you will run your character on a flat screen, killing everyone in your path. Wet bosses and their subordinates on your way to the goal!

Features in the game:

  • Large selection of weapons;
  • The ability to upgrade your weapons;
  • Pixel graphics;
  • Side scrolling is like in old games.

As a result, we have a cool action game that you can play for hours on end, download the game Dun-geon Slasher: Roguelike for Android. Have a nice game!