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OffRoad Drive Simulator (Mod, Full)

Category: Simulators #Rus #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 02-11-2022


OffRoad Drive Simulator (Mod, Full) – another off-road simulator from the developer LogicMiracle for free! In the game you will be able to fully enjoy off-road driving using the most modern 4-by-4 four-wheel drive cars. You will be able to customize the washing of the car by brewing the differential lock, as well as use additional accessories for the car in the form of a winch or jack!

The game has quite real graphics of the terrain and the car, while playing the game you can turn on various front, for example, the first or second, connect all-wheel drive or not, everything is like in real life. You can use a winch, cable or jack if your car is stuck in mud.

Features in the game:

  • You can customize the graphics;
  • You can change the weather conditions;
  • There is a Russian language;
  • More than 16 levels on 10 maps;
  • Multiple camera views.

Download OffRoad Drive Simulator

As a result, we have another rather interesting simulator of driving a car on a bad road, in which you can play at any time, since it does not require the Internet and you can play now, just download the game OffRoad Drive Simulator for Android for free from our server!