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60 Parsec! (Full)

Category: Adventures #Casual #Offline games #Rus #Without cache #Tablet #Mod
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 03-11-2022


60 Parsec! (Full) – meet the full version of the game, which you do not need to buy on Android in which your space station is about to explode, you have 60 seconds to save someone from the team and take them with you to the rescue shuttle, as well as to collect the necessary things.

The game 60 Peach itself is a sci-fi comedy with not everyone understands the black humor on board. The game will take place in the space age, when the virtual Cold War has reached space. In the game "60 Parsecs" you will become a real leader of a spaceship, will you have the patience to be near your clumsy team and will you be able to find a replacement for the house of Earth in the endless outer space.

What to do in the game:

  • 60 seconds before the missile strike, grab supplies and a team to squeeze;
  • Try not to die in space, as storing in space is quite problematic;
  • You need to go on expeditions to extract resources for living in space;
  • Entertain each other so as not to die of boredom.

Download 60 Parsecs!

As a result, we have a new version of the game from an already well-known developer about the game "60 seconds"! It is worth noting that the game is in Russian, and this is a huge plus for Russian speakers. To start playing, it will be enough to download the game 60 Parsecs For Android for free from our server.