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  • Updated:
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 20.17.161
  • Size: 50.36 Mb

Gym Or Jail Gigachad Horror – I present to your attention an indie horror game from the first person in the form of a Gigachad meme, the game is incredibly interesting and exciting. In the game you will go to the gym to get your body in shape, but everything is not so simple, Gigachad does not sleep and your gym can turn into a terrible place from which you will not be able to get out!

In the game you have to go to the gym every week at a certain time to pump up your muscles and body. You will track your achievements and progress daily. However, the gym where you work out is very strange and you are constantly being watched by some pumped-up guy, what does he want?

Features of the game:

  • Very fast passing;
  • Quite a lot of locations;
  • Sudden screamers and memes;
  • Excellent first-person view.

Download Gym Or Jail Gigachad Horror (Gigachad)

Try to find out what the Gigachad needs and explore all corners of the gym, and it is very large and includes a locker room, shower, warehouse, secret room and even a cafeteria. Notice important details, collect useful items and get acquainted with the Gigachad. The course of the further game depends only on your decisions.

Gym Or Jail Gigachad Horror

Download Gym Or Jail Gigachad Horror for free

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