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Star Wars: Hunters (Full)

Category: Action #Tablet #Rus
Requirements: Android 8.x
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Date: 12-11-2022


Star Wars: Hunters (Full) is a new game from the Star Wars series about hunters in which, after the end of the war, peacetime begins and combat tournaments are held with live broadcast throughout the galaxy. The arena where gladiatorial fights will take place is filled with bright lights and popular characters, fabulous legends come true.


In the game, you can choose your own hunter from the characters presented, from nasty and mean to truly real good-natured heroes. You will fight in a variety of game modes, including a massive 4x4 battle in the arena from a third person.

Of the features in the game, it is worth highlighting unique costumes, animations and the ability to change the appearance of weapons. You can literally dress up in funny characters and paint weapons to amuse each other on the battlefield.