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Rogue Company Mobile

Category: Action #Rus
Requirements: Android 7.x
Views: 177
Date: 19-11-2022


Rogue Company Mobile is a team shooter for Android in which you can fight on various maps, for example 10 by 10. The game differs from others with its graphics and unique chips in the form of a bug that can be sent to the enemy's lair and then blown up.

From weapons you will have a rifle, pistol, shotgun, robot beetle, bombs, grenades and so on. In the main menu you can find a full description in Russian of each item and weapon, as well as see its model in 3D! It is worth noting the ability to customize graphics!

At the moment, the game has not been released yet and as soon as the game is released, it will immediately appear on this page of our website! In the meantime, you can only wait or pre-register on the official website of the game!