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The Survival Hunger Games 2 (Mod, Unlimited Money)

Category: Action #Casual #Offline games #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 8.x
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Date: 19-11-2022


The Survival Hunger Games 2 (Mod, Unlimited Money) – I present to you a hack with a mod on board! This is a completely new game with a unique simplified interface that will be understandable to every player. Now you will be able to run easily thanks to the optimization of the touch screen, as well as jump, shoot, aim and much more.

In the new menu you will find options that allow you to select a level, map and change the screen settings. Each level begins with a briefing for the task. Before starting the "new game", you can watch a video clip that will give you a bonus.

As soon as the game starts, the stopwatch will go, if you manage to complete the level in a certain time, then you will have a permanent weapon that can be used in tasks in the future. If you do not meet the time, then you can try again or play without weapons.

Features of The Survival Hunter Games 2

  • Time Games;
  • Simple operation;
  • Hand-to-hand combat option;
  • The mini-map is always under the eyes;
  • A large arsenal of weapons.

Play and fight with those who are better than you to make it more interesting to play, fight with the cunning and smart to become better than them. Use hand-to-hand combat if you don't have a weapon at hand and collect it on the levels so that it is.

As a result, we have an interesting action game with pixel graphics in the style of Minecraft on Android in which you can spend hours on end hacking in your free time. To download The Survival Hunter Games 2 for Android for free right now, just download the file from the server. We have both the original version of the game and the mod, a hacked version for a lot of money!