FNF Indie Cross Full V1

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FNF Indie Cross Full V1

FNF Indie Cross – welcome to indie games in which this Friday you will get to wonderland for the first time where almost all your wishes will come true! So, let's have some great fun in the new FNF Indie music game with a funky mod, in which the boyfriend fights a rap battle with popular indie characters like Sans from Undertale!

Playing the game is quite simple, all you have to do is press the arrow buttons that appear on the screen of your device in time. Also, each player has the opportunity to choose a certain difficulty mode. It's worth noting that the black arrow resets everything and the game starts over, so you have to be careful!

Game Features:

  • The game can be played online or offline at any time;
  • Very cool tracks and overall game music;
  • Realistic difficulty that depends on your choice;
  • A good ear for music will help you win;
  • The game is really with nightmarish characters!

As a result, we have another FNF music game with new cool characters in which you can enjoy a pleasant evening and music from the popular FNF mod for Android!

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