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VK Play Cloud (MOD)

Category: Для игр #Without cache #To the tablet
Requirements: Android 7.x
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Date: 24-11-2022


VK Play Cloud (MOD) – that's the time when you don't need a modern device and cool hardware to play demanding games. Vk Play Cloud allows you to play all computer games on your phone – the game will be run by powerful cloud servers and broadcast on your device via the Internet – everything is very simple and clear!

Application Features:

  • You can play PC games on your phone;
  • You can unscrew the maximum graphics settings;
  • At the moment, there are about 450 games that can be played;
  • Of course, the Russian language.

Important: To launch games from the cloud, you will need additional equipment – a gamepad, keyboard and mouse connected via Bluetooth or OTG adapter.

As a result, we have cloud gaming of the future right now at the end of 2022 on Android. To check out and try VK PlayCloud on Android right now, it's enough to download a file from our server!