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  • Updated:
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • Russian language: Есть
  • Current version: 5.5.6
  • Size: 44.57 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

2 Player Games (No ADS) is a whole collection of mini–mobile games for two users for Android that can be played together using one device! Of course, if there is no friend nearby, you can use the multiplayer game mode or play alone against the computer. Right now you can challenge your friend in any of the games that are in the app.

What games are there in 2 Player Games?

  1. Ping Pong – control the rocket using your finger;
  2. Snake – avoid obstacles;
  3. Air hockey – drive the puck through the magnetic field;
  4. Tic–tac-toe - you know what you need to do!
  5. Billiards – a game of classic billiards;
  6. Rope – tug of war;
  7. Sumo is a Japanese multiplayer game;
  8. Football is a football game until the first ball.

Not all available mini-games are listed, but only the main ones, there are also classic chess, duels, racing and golf. In general, the application 2 Player Games has a fairly simple and minimalistic graphics on the menu page so all games for two, very simple and clear! All results between matches are saved and you can see your improvements or defeats. This game is not recommended for impressionable people, as it can destroy friendship – our game file is ad-free!

2 Player Games (No ADS)

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