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Постер GTA: Liberty City Stories for Android

GTA: Liberty City Stories for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 21-08-2021


Soon GTA: Liberty City Stories will be released on Android, yes, the game has finally begun to be ported to mobile devices, but so far only for ios. But do not despair, in a few weeks it will be released on the Android platform.

This is a fairly old game that did not have much popularity, saw its light back in 2005 on personal computers. And so the dust motes were blown away from the game and they began to saw under the mobile version for their fans.

In the game GTA: Liberty City Stories, as in all GTA games, you will play as a so-called bandit like Tony Cipriani. There is nothing much to describe here. It is worth noting that in the mobile version of the game, the developers have improved the texture resolutions, increased the frames to 60 seconds, the drawing distance, and also added dynamic lighting and shadows. Of course, all this does not give super graphics, but compared to the PC version, it looks better.

In general, you are waiting for the 10-year-old game GTA: Liberty City Stories on Android in a new shell on our website.

Download the game GTA: Liberty City Stories hacked for money for Android is fashionable from our website for free. If you want to play the original version, then go to the Google Play link to purchase it.

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