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  • Updated: 29-05-2023, 19:57
  • Android Version: 4.0

Meet the new second part of the game Banner Saga 2 on Android, implemented based on Norwegian mythology.

This game combines a mixture of several genres - this is a turn-based strategy and RPG, where you have to take command of the Viking clan in order to guide them to enemy lands, trying not to lose. Learn to be the most courageous and courageous leader who can make uncontested decisions, think wisely and fight numerous opponents.

In the game Banner Saga 2 on Android, not only the fate of the clan, but also of all mankind will depend on you.

The main task in the game will be to make the right decisions, but if suddenly you are mistaken, and your warrior died fighting in battle, then he cannot be returned... But the game goes on!

Start your adventure in Banner Saga 2 on Android right now and enjoy every perfectly drawn element and nice graphics.

Banner Saga 2

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