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Category: Arcades #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 09-01-2022


Partymasters - Fun Idle Game: a game in which you will throw game money to the left and to the right in order to pump your Lol character from Bowmasters as steeply as possible. The game is 100 percent proud of its colorful graphics, visual effects and extraordinary gameplay.

What is the Partymasters game:

The developers from the Playgendary studio, who actually made this miracle, deliberately painted the game in provocative colors in order to attract as many users from all over the world as possible, which, in principle, is what the game is happening at this moment Party Masters has already been downloaded by more than 5 million players. Yes, the game clearly attracts graphics, but they did not stop there and without much modesty used all kinds of cartoon characters and games that American children like so much, and the adult audience does not even know what!

The player will have to become the coolest RnB, HIP-hop performer, put gold teeth, get tattoos from head to toe, build a villa on the seashore and get crowds of fans to shower them with their money and not only.


What to do in the game:

In the game Party masters, you have to play as Lol Wayne from the new musical generation, he is something between Lil Pimp and Darth Vader, the whole secret of Lola's success is that he muddies up cool hip-hop parties and just throws everyone with his loot from the stage, which he has at least one place to eat.

Well, as they say, fame works for the artist, and the money will wait, however, they are not needed, we need glasses for which you can buy all kinds of upgrades for Lola. It's quite simple to play the game, poke at the screen and get a turbo combo that will increase your monetary damage, which in turn encourages you to enter the game, you can't achieve everything at once, so you have to go out and enter the game again. As a result of these actions, you will be able to accumulate game currency and improve your villa.

Throughout the whole Partymasters game, you are unlikely to get tired of it, the developers have thought through everything, you will be kept by new achievements in the form of new caps, tattoos, clothes and fighting with other stars that will not be so easy to fill up.

In general, the game is worthy of your attention, the only negative is the annoying advertising and controversial design.

Every day they try to make the game better, fix all the errors and bugs! So in the new version of the Partymasters game everything has been fixed and a hacked version has been added, to download the apk file, just follow the links below.

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  • Updated: 9-01-2022, 15:58 - v1.3.9
Мод, много денег и бриллиантов v1.3.9:
partymasters_v1_3_9_mod-money.apk Вес: 70.3 Mb

v1.3.9 - исправили баги и улучшили производительность игры!