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Angry Birds 2 for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 14-09-2022


Angry Birds 2 - Meet the specially festive version for the new year 2019. A game in which you will use a slingshot to launch birds into the pig's den to save the cherished eggs! If you don't know what Angry Birds is yet, then the second part, namely this one, is the best solution to get acquainted with all the heroes of one of the most popular games for Android. The second part combines all the best moments from the upcoming parts in which you can choose the order of throwing birds, play with friends, complete levels and compete, as well as team up with other players.

Among the features in the game Angry Birds 2 it is worth highlighting: The ability to change the order of throwing birds, daily tests, multi-stage levels, bird improvements, arena competitions, rating of the best players and much more!

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  • Updated: 14-09-2022, 14:29 - v3.4.0
v2.55.3 - добавлена мод версия, исправлены все ошибки и улучшена производительность!

v2.59.1 - Мелкие исправления и улучшения. Очищаем гнездышко.

v2.60.2 - это новая новогодняя версия где добавлен снег и елка, а также многочисленные исправления!

v2.61.1 - Мелкие исправления и улучшения. Чистим гнездышко.

v2.61.2 - Мелкие исправления и улучшения. Чистим гнездышко!

v3.4.0 -
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