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The Sims FreePlay взлом

The Sims FreePlay (hacking,money) for Android

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Requirements: Android 2.0-2.1
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Date: 06-09-2022


The popular simulator The Sims: FreePlay and in online mode has already been released on Android. Now the game is absolutely free and everyone can play it.

The Sims FreePlay (hacking,money) for Android

[b]The Sims game is a cool simulator in which you can create a unique character, dress him well, choose the shape of the face, skin color, gender and profession. You will be able to create up to 16 Persians. So that your hero does not get bored, he needs to be given various tasks, for example, go for a walk, chat with a neighbor, and in order not to starve, you must get him a job to earn game currency. With the money you have saved, you will be able to plant your garden with vegetables, make repairs in the house.

As you progress through the game, you will become richer and richer, you will be able to open a whole business, for example, grocery stores or car dealerships. You will also be able to help your city by equipping it, building relationships with other people and much more. Of the features in the game, it is worth noting that there is a day, a night, that is, if you are sleeping, then your hero is also sleeping!

As a result, we can say that the game The Sims: FreePlay built by the developers of The Sims 3 is very exciting and can drag you for many months, given that the game is endless and free.

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  • Updated: 6-09-2022, 20:57 - v5.71.0
Чего нового в v5.66.0:

Новая зимняя одежда. Подготовь своих персонажей к зиме! Новый снежный дворец, постройка снежного дома с мебелью и т.п.

v5.62.1 - Подробности обновления не указаны, но мы уверены что игра The Sims FreePlay на Андроид стала еще лучше!

v5.63.0 - добавлено много нового и исправлены ошибки.

v5.65.0 - новая версия, новогодние праздники!

v5.65.2 - новая вечеринка 10-и летняя, сюжетная линия про Рождество, акции в магазине и Юбилейный квест!

v5.66.0 - добавлена гитара и романтическая мексиканская атмосфера ко дню святого Валентина. События Heart-Futtering Hacienda, китайский новый год по лунному календарю и многое другое.

v5.66.1 - не уточняться что добавили!

v5.69.1 - новая вселенная LEGO/DOTS вам точно понравиться! Добавлены мероприятия The Sims совместно с LEGO где можно получить много подарков. Также добавлен новый район Sim Springs, Palm Promenade + мод где много денег!

v5.71.0 - новая версия, новые возможности и конечно взломанная версия на деньги!

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