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Постер Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Category: Strategies #For a tablet #In Russian
Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 25-06-2022


Meet a very popular game called Plants vs. Zombies or in Russian Plants vs. Zombies< / strong>, which came from the PC to the Android platform.

Plants vs Zombies

The game Plants vs. Zombies is made in a strategic genre, here you have to play as a gardener to whom they want to get into the house of zombies. Your task in the game is not to let the zombies pass through the door of the house, for this you will have to plant various plants that will protect your house.

Plants - here you will have a huge selection of attacking plants, one of the most powerful is the pea-thrower ordinary and ice, which will open as you progress through the game. As for the swinging zombies, there are also a huge number of them, there will be both ordinary ones that are destroyed with a couple of blows to the peas, and smart zombies that put buckets and other ammunition on their heads.

From the tips, we are LivePDA.Ru we can advise you to build as many sunflowers as possible, which give the sun (the game currency), for which you can plant plants. The ideal place for sunflowers is the first two rows at the house, so expect a place for planting right away. The third one next to it is best to plant pea-throwers and start planting there from where the first zombie will go, well, then how it will go, as the game progresses, you will understand all the chips. It is also worth noting that if a zombie breaks through the plants to the house, then he will be surprised in the form of a lawn mower, after that you will need to plant a hole.

The result, the game Plants vs Zombies in Russian for Android is an excellent strategy with good graphics and an exciting gameplay. With more than 50 levels and many achievements. We recommend this game and it is one of the best games on Android. And we also recommend downloading Plants vs. Zombies 2 this is the second part of the game and it is better to play it after passing the first part!

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  • Updated: 25-06-2022, 21:33 - v3.3.0

Версия 2.7.01 - много новых изменений и дополнений которые будут радовать вас при борьбе с зомби!

Новая версия 2.9.09 в которой исправлено много ошибок, теперь игра работает стабильно!

v2.9.10 - внесли некоторые улучшения, чтобы вам было еще веселее сражаться с зомби.

v3.3.0 - Новая взломанная версия!

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